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Our Second Chance Fairytale: The Disney Wedding Video

Dr. Jay and Julie were, by all accounts, a model couple. Both well educated, successful, and upwardly mobile. Jay a highly trained professional with a doctorate in psychology alongside an MBA; he had a thriving national executive coaching and consulting practice to the corporate elite. Julie, a former Miss Oklahoma contestant and model, was a professional entertainer with a demo album to her credit and a highly regarded talent and performance coach.

It was a fairytale courtship, redefining the boundaries of reality.

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By December of that year, they would exchange vows. By September, ten years later, those vows would end in the aftermath of a devastating affair, life and death decisions and a painful divorce. Three children and a decade of marriage later, the fairytale was gone.

Their desire though to invent a new future, one informed by the lessons of the past trauma, created a sense of possibility and hope. They were at last willing to be surprised by love. With a lot of work and commitment, Jay and Julie healed their scarred relationship with love. The fairytale returned. In the shadow of the Magic Kingdom, on a tranquil lake surrounded by their children, Jay and Julie once more exchanged their marriage vows. This time, however, the weaknesses in their marriage were now strengths, their needs were now fulfilled, their hopes now realized.

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Dr. Jay and Julie Kent-Ferraro found life-altering love and true fulfillment in their marriage after an affair and divorce. By working through the pain and committing themselves to the healing process, they found the secrets to a stronger, more satisfying marriage.

Dr. Jay and Julie’s work is based on the belief that IT IS POSSIBLE to create a more fulfilling and mature relationship after the trauma of an affair.

Second chances ARE possible IF you make the right choices to do the right things at the right time. Julie gave Jay a second chance when she extended the gift of forgiveness to Jay. We are thankful each day that we have grown, healed, and designed something new, something that may not have existed without the tragedy of the affair.

The possibility for a new relationship is the hope you need to redesign your marriage from a future you choose and invent distinct from the painful past of the infidelity.

Fairytales do come true. Let us help show you how.

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