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Surprised by Love

Surprised by Love:

Surprised by Love is changing the conversation about love and intimacy and what is really possible in relationships when they fail. The only book in the marketplace told in two unique voices living the experience of infidelity, the unfaithful partner a licensed clinician, Surprised by Love shows and tells unlike any other the harsh realities of infidelity and divorce, why and how it occurs, and more importantly, what to do about them when they occur. Dr. Jay and Julie have not only lived the experience of affair and divorce, but we are willing to tell the nuanced truth about it without spin, censorship or concern for ego. Surprised by Love inspires readers with hope and possibility then teaches life-altering truths about modern love and marriage, both the dangers and gifts hidden within it, anchored in a compelling real-life story.

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Fierce Dialogue

Fierce Dialogue:

Fierce Dialogue is both a tool for “how to” have the difficult or ‘missing conversation’ and a practice you can apply to your relationship right now to have a breakthrough in transparency, self-expression and integrity-based communication. This simple guide book will coach you on the key distinctions of what a Fierce Dialogue is and gives you a step-by-step process for how to have one.

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The 3 Commitments

The 3 Commitments:

We are often asked is it ‘really’ possible to save a marriage following an affair and our answer is always the same: it depends on three things. The 3 Commitments is our blueprint for what it takes to do exactly that – save your marriage by designing a new one after the affair! In this e-book, we walk you step-by-step through the exact things we did individually, and as a couple, to design a new relationship after an affair AND a divorce. Simple, specific and sequential sage advice that will jump start your redesign process the minute you begin reading it.

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Julie's Survival Guide

Julie’s Survival Guide:

Spoken from someone who’s been there and knows from personal experience, this guidebook written by a survivor who chose to conquer her fear of the unknown, courageously embrace possibility for something new and prudently moved into action to take care of herself while opening up new opportunities for a reconciliation, Julie will tell you in her own words the exact steps she took and what you can do right now to make a difference in your situation.

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The 7 Secrets of Love and Relationship Design

The 7 Secrets of Love and Relationship Design:

An entire ‘Love Course’ taken from our very personal journey of having failed at love and marriage and translating the wisdom earned into tools, practices and rock solid principles for ‘how-to’ be successful in designing a relationship no matter where yours is today. We guide you step-by-step through a self-discovery process sharing the life changing principles that were crucial for our success in going from affair to a divorce to a magical reconciliation and deep true love today. The ‘7 Secrets’ course is a great accompaniment to our other powerful training system called The Program: The Truth About Love and How to Design a Relationship of Your Dreams.

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Soul Mates Are Created, Not Found

Soul Mates Are Created, Not Found:

The famous lament we often hear to justify having an affair: ‘I found my soul mate’ used as a poor excuse and continued ambivalence for not getting out of infidelity relationships. In this provocative e-book Dr. Jay Kent-Ferraro draws on both his decades of clinical experience and his own personal failure in having an affair that ended in a divorce and remarriage to his wife to shed penetrating light on the truth about the Soul Mate Trap. Learn the critical distinctions that can both prevent an affair from happening in the first place and how to get out of one if you are coping with that challenge. Many have used this powerful e-booklet to gain the proverbial ‘wake-up call’ allowing them to transform their marriages from breakdown to breakthrough. Order Now.

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The Program

The Program: The Truth About Love and How to Design a Relationship of Your Dreams:

Unlike other approaches, The Program is action focused, solution oriented and coaches in a practical approach how to love. You’ll learn:

  • What a real relationship is and what’s required to have one.
  • Obstacles to having a great relationship and what to do to remove them.
  • What you can do immediately to change your relationship whether your partner is cooperating or not.
  • Four behaviors to avoid that predict divorce 95% of the time.
  • The surprisingly simple solution to all relationship challenges.
  • What five steps you must take today to transform your relationship.

…and much more.

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