What We Believe Transforms Relationships

  • Love, friendship, and fidelity as the foundation for whole relationships.
  • Acceptance of full responsibility, expressing remorse by making genuine amends, and establishing boundaries that keep the primary relationship safe.
  • The power of grace and forgiveness to set people free to become whom they were destined to be.
  • The freedom of individual choice grounded in truth and integrity, regardless of circumstance.
  • The power of second chances to recreate and strengthen families and change legacies.
  • The faith that sound, validated principles, techniques, and strategies will support personal and relationship recovery.
  • The belief that adversity can create possibility and that pain can be transformed into wisdom.
  • Personal integrity and authentic transparency as the pathway to intimacy and enduring love.
  • Individual growth as a prerequisite to relationship success.
  • The courage to choose a future distinct from the past or present. Choice gives us the opportunity to create anything, regardless of the circumstances.
  • The ability to see failure as opportunity – a hidden “gift” to design a life and relationship worth investing in.
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