Our Goals for Those We Serve

  • To create a safe place for couples to discover and express their truths so that important decisions can thoughtfully be considered.
  • To provide a scientifically informed, transformational process to guide recovery and help build a relationship of your choosing.
  • To empower you with practical tools, guidelines, strategies, and a roadmap for extraordinary relationship design (“The Healing Tasks Model”™ and “The Curriculum for Affair Recovery”™) to navigate this change successfully.
  • To help you design an extraordinary relationship that meets each person’s needs and creates a culture that makes any type of infidelity less likely in the future.
  • To offer professional guidance, focused support, expert coaching and education to those who struggle with overcoming the trauma and impact of an affair and are committed to healing and evolving beyond it.
  • To help you redesign and strengthen your family after the trauma of an affair.
  • To build a new legacy of love beyond the affair from a chosen future distinct from a painful past.
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