Who you choose to work with in healing and recovery from an affair can be one of the most critical decisions you make. There are many options for recovery work available and not all produce the same results.

Dr. Jay and Julie have lived and overcome the pain of infidelity, which resulted in a devastating divorce and almost destroyed their family. What is even rarer is that Dr. Jay, the unfaithful partner, is a licensed clinician sharing the truth about how and why it occurred. Through bold honesty, taking responsibility for their failures, rediscovering authentic love, rebuilding trust and friendship, and choosing to forgive each other and create a new marriage, Dr. Jay and Julie triumphed over great tragedy. They desire to help you do the same.

Our Credentials Matter…

Dr. Jay Kent-Ferraro, Ph.D., MBA, is a licensed and certified clinician-coach who has spent more than two decades as a successful national practitioner in family and organizational psychology. Julie Kent-Ferraro is a Certified Life Coach with extensive experience in human performance consultation and talent management coaching, training and education.

A couple-based team, each brings unique professional expertise to the work they do. All programs are based on scientific research and validated methods for designing healthy committed relationships. Dr. Jay and Julie are highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge in the strategies, principles, and techniques needed to heal and transform relationships and the human performance practices needed to achieve those outcomes.

Both Jay and Julie have been personally trained by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, completing Levels I and II of their clinician training program at The Gottman Institute (See www.Gottmaninstitute.com) the internationally acclaimed research and training center for marriage and family health in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Jay Kent-Ferraro has completed Level III training of the Certified Gottman Therapist program. Our ongoing association with The Gottman Institute allows us the privilege of integrating our affair recovery work with the extensive research and world class clinical work the institute stands for.

Our Team Approach…

In addition to having lived the experience of infidelity and overcoming its destructive potential, our consulting, coaching, and training team draws upon diverse talent from our long history of collaborative work in the psychology, consulting, coaching and human performance arenas.

We partner with best-selling authors, noted clinicians, and powerful speakers to support our transformational learning and healing programs. We continue to evolve with each program we design and are committed to offering a diverse range of expertise through our products and services to support you in designing an extraordinary relationship.

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