Surprised By Love

In this true, modern-day love story, Jay and Julie live the principle that destiny is not a matter of chance but a willingness to choose who you must become to make your relationship all it can be.

– Anthony Robbins, Entrepreneur, author, and peak-performance strategist

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This is one of the most personal and enlightening books I have ever read on affairs and healing from betrayal. This book is a dialogue one couple had over a long time period, and it gives the reader insight on what the processes of honesty, transparency, forgiveness, and rebuilding trust are all about.  I recommend everyone read it.

– John M. Gottman, PhD, Author of the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, and founder of the Gottman Relationship Institute

Surprised by Love is riveting in that it reads like a classic novel yet is a true story told with boldness and compassion. This book is a must-read for every couple who wants to have a happy, fulfilling relationship as well as for every marital therapist who works with couples. I plan on using it in my teaching!

– Cloe Madanes, World-renowned teacher/author; founder of Strategic Marital Therapy, The Tony Robbins-Cloe Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention

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Wow! What a story. Jay and Julie have written an important book that will help and heal many couples.

– Arielle Ford, Best-selling author of Soulmate Secret


Surprised by Love is tangible proof that love is stronger than betrayal or even the death of a marriage. This amazing story portrays how a woman’s fierce and unconditional love and a man’s willingness to evolve restored their broken marriage and helped them create spiritual and emotional healing in the process.

– Richard Exley, DD, Pastor; author of Intimate Moments for Couples

I have long been aware of the work of Dr. Jay Ferraro. Now he goes far beyond new ideas and innovative approaches to help transform executives and their teams, as he shines a light on one of the most tragic and damaging aspects of our modern society. If you’re investing your life in a relationship, you should at least a few hours in reading this amazing book so you can get a roadmap and avoid the pitfalls.

– Jim Stovall, Author of The Ultimate Gift

Remarkable! Surprised by Love is a brilliant read for anyone contemplating being in or recovering from an affair or simply avoiding one – I was captivated and read it in a night.

– Camille Preston, PhD, PCC, Psychologist, executive coach, and best-selling author

In a world of “relationship advice” that is immensely wide and woefully shallow, Surprised by Love is a buoy in the morass of relationship “mis-advice” propagated by well-intentioned pop-psychologists and relational gurus who have done little to turn the rising tides of today’s relational devastation.

– Dr. Brian R. Epperson, PhD, Co-founder of Blended Love, a non-profit endeavoring to mitigate the negative effects of divorce on children

Surprised by love? You will be when you read Jay and Julie’s incredible story.  A book for those who have experience infidelity as well as for those who haven’t, Surprised by Love is proof that love really can overcome everything.

– Keiron McCammon, Co-founder,

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