Healing from an affair is possible if your approach is right. In fact, we believe that it is not only possible, but that an affair can become an unprecedented opportunity if you choose to use it for that purpose.

Marriages don’t end because of affairs. They end because of how people deal or don’t deal with the aftermath of them.

A divorce is not the result of marital problems including infidelity. They happen because people do not effectively repair the parts of the relationship that are damaged from it, and they adopt attitudes, behaviors, and faulty assumptions that are toxic and corrosive to what is left of a very vulnerable relationship. Marriages end because of a death in intimacy between people and the failure to make the relationship safe again to love fully.

Learning how to love and repair what’s been damaged by designing anew are both choices available to you right now.

While no two couples are exactly alike, there are similarities in the “tasks” required of them for healing from infidelity. Attending to those tasks effectively and efficiently can determine if a marriage succeeds or fails in the aftermath of an affair.

Each couple’s journey is unique…

Each couple’s journey is unique and therefore your choice for how to save your marriage after infidelity and best heal from the trauma of an affair must be as well.

The Curriculum for Affair Recovery ®, with its Healing Tasks Model ® is a state-of-the art comprehensive program to take your relationship from affair disclosure to relationship wholeness. It offers couples a clearly mapped pathway to recovery through transformational workshops, intensive coaching and other support resources to take back control, complete the past and move powerfully into a newly designed future.

Our programs are based on the latest scientific research in marriage, family and relationship science, not just personal anecdotes about what has worked for us, and informed by over two decades of clinical experience in working with couples in a variety of challenging situations. Additionally, our seminar programs are also guided by our own experience of overcoming the trauma and negative impact of infidelity in our healing journey making them a powerful offering of sound science, seasoned experience and personal wisdom.

Guided by scientifically validated assessments to ensure your readiness for the work and a Curriculum driven approach to recovery, you will find both rigor and substance as you approach what could be the most important decision you make as a couple – the type of support to use in your transforming an affair into designing a new relationship.

All of our seminar programs are led by the unique husband and wife team of Dr. Jay and Julie Kent-Ferraro, who between them have the clinical credentials, and more importantly the experience of having successfully dealt with and recovered from a divorce and marital infidelity. Our programs are high impact including skill development, training and education, real-time coaching and focused group facilitation.

Your privacy and confidentiality are assured.

We offer a wide range of transformational experiences in the form of:

  • Seminar Programs – The Curriculum for Affair Recovery ® and The Healing Tasks Model ®
  • Intensive Coaching Programs
  • Consulting
  • Key Notes
  • Clinical Training Seminars for Professionals
  • Our book, Surprised By Love

This is one of the most personal and enlightening books I have ever read on affairs and healing from betrayal. This book is a dialogue one couple had over a long time period, and it gives the reader insight on what the processes of honesty, transparency, forgiveness, and rebuilding trust are all about.  I recommend everyone read it.

– John M. Gottman, PhD, Author of the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, and founder of the Gottman Relationship Institute

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